CBSE Affiliation No. 330497 School No. 65490  U-DISE CODE: 10022305405

Transport Facilities

Bus Routes

The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for bringing in students from different localities to the school. Bus charges have to be paid monthly along with the school fees.

Transport Fees vary from Place to Place.

Contact No. 

Vehicle No.1           9430486340      Mr. Ravinder Patel

Vehicle No. 2         8935922974       Mr. Ram Kirshor

Vehicle No. 3         9931096135       Mr. Vikash Kumar

Vehicle No. 5         9472941254       Mr. Sukari Paswan

Sumo                     9973045896      Mr. Raju Singh 

Vehicle In Charge      9973045896    Mr. Raju Singh

Transportation Service Timing. ( Time May Vary Due Unavoidable Circumspection )

Timing  Vehicle No.1 
 Vehicle No. 2
   Vehicle No. 3  
 Vehicle No. 5
Vehicle No.1 
Ramgadwa 7.00Am
 Belahi 7.40 Am
   Kananna 7.20 Am
 Korihar Chowk 7.50 Am
Ragunathpur 7.20 Am
 Purendra 7.50 AM
   Collage Road 7.45 Am
 Hanuman Mandir 8.00 Am
 Gamaria 7.30 AM
 Siswa 8.00Am
  Korihar Chowk 7. 50 AM
 Block Road 8.05 Am
 Champaran Petrol pumb 7.40 AM
 Jatyahi 8.05 AM
   Naga Road 8.00Am
 Barder King 8.10 Am
 Laxmipur  7.50 Am
 Chikni 8.10 Am
   Bata Chowk 8.05 Am
 Gandak colony 8.15
 Pankaj  Cenema Hall 7.55 Am
 Haraiya 8.15 AM
  Ramji Chowk 8.10 Am
 Railway Colony 8.20 Am
 koria Tola 8.00AM
 Pariuva Dala 8.25
 Post Office 8.05 Am
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