CBSE Affiliation No. 330497 School No. 65490  U-DISE CODE: 10022305405

Hostel Admission


(a)  2 Pass port size photo of the student and 1 photo of the parent or Guardian.

(b) Blood Group

(c) Address prof of Parent / Guardian

(d) Pass port size photo of the parents and Guardian 


Payment of Fee:


Admission will be valid only if the fee is paid in full by the due date along with the necessary documents and certificates as mentioned above and on completion of all formalities.

2. Admission Fee  ( One Academic year)

3. Monthly ( every month)

Payment can be made through a bank draft or ‘at par’ cheque. Demand Draft should be made in the name of “The Duncan Academy” payable at Raxaul.

In case of withdrawal, the Caution Money will be refunded subject to the clearance of all dues and 3 months notice for boarders.


1.      The life of the pupils in the hostel will be governed by the directions and the regulations issued by the authorities.

2.      Fresh applicants shall pay an entrance fee – ` 1000/-

3.      The hostel and lodging fee will be fixed every year and will be payable in eleven (11) installments. School fees and expenses for stationery, medicine, medical attendance and laundry will be charges extra.

4.      All fees shall be paid by the 10th of the month in which they are due. Delay for payment of hostel fees beyond two months render a student liable to removal from the hostel - ` 100/- is to be paid for readmission. 

5.      Fresh applications shall be introduced by the parents or some responsible person. A conduct certificate signed by the head of the school last attended will need to be produced.

6.      Pupils from other boarding homes will not be admitted to the hostel.

7.      Boarders joining or leaving during a month will have to pay the hostel fee for the full month.

8.      Boarders are normally allowed to go home only once in a month. When permitted to go out, students may leave the hostel at the time laid down and on return they must report to the warden.

9.      Every boarder must write to his/her parents/guardians once a month.

10. All the boarders are expected to leave the hostel on the closing day accompanied by their parents or guardians.

11. The punctual return to the boys from home after leave or vacation is insisted upon. Boys are to return after holidays by the evening of the date before classes begin. Nobody will be allowed extension of holidays except on medical grounds and with previous permission. Pupils failing to report to the hostel on the re-opening date are liable to be dismissed.

12. Parents or guardians may visit their children from 04:00 P.M to 6:30 P.M on Saturdays and from 11:30 A.M to 4:00 P.M on Sundays in the appointed place. Pupils may visit their relatives only with the permission of the authorities.

13. Boys are not allowed to keep any eatables with them.

14. All letters and parcels to and from the boarders shall be forwarded through the warden and are subjected to his inspection. Likewise all books, newspapers and periodicals used by the boarders must be approved by the warden.

15. Boys are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.

16. It is strictly forbidden for boarders to keep money. All articles should be distinctly marked with the owner’s name and a list must be attached on the lid of his trunk.

17. Use of very costly articles by the students is discouraged and the authorities will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the same.

18. Boys failing to secure promotion at the end of the school year may be asked to leave the hostel.

19. Parents or guardians are requested to meet the authorities at least once a month to get information about the conduct and progress in studies of their children.

20. Habitual idleness, unsatisfactory progress in studies, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school and hostel are sufficient reason for dismissal of a boy. The Warden has the right to dismiss a boy without assigning any reason for the action.

21. There shall be four sections in the hostel inside the building. Strict separations shall be maintained between the sections.

22. Students shall daily spend sometime out-doors engaged in games and other physical exercises from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M within the grounds. Loitering is strictly forbidden.

23. Students shall keep their halls and surroundings tidy. They may be asked to clean the halls and surroundings by turn.

24. During the time of recreation students are expected to be in the hall.

Hostel students are expected to bring the following for their personal use:

1.      School uniform                                                                            4 sets

2.      Color dress for ordinary wear                                                      6 sets

3.      White dress                                                                                 2 sets

4.      Under wears or jetties                                                                 10 sets

5.      Under Garments                                                                          4 sets

6.      Night dress (Blue)                                                                        2 sets

7.      Towels                                                                                         3 nos

8.      Bed Sheets                                                                                  2 nos

9.      Carpets                                                                                       2 nos

10. Pillow                                                                                             1 no

11. Pillow cover                                                                                    2 nos

12. Steel trunk or suit case for safe keeping of dress with lock           1 no

13. Plastic Bucket (15 liters)                                                                1 no

14. Plastic mug                                                                                     1 no

15. Soap case with soap                                                                      1 no

16. Hair oil container with oil                                                                 1 no

17. Mirror                                                                                             1 no

18. Comb                                                                                             1 no

19. Washing powder tin                                                                        1 no

20. Tooth paste and brush                                                                   1 no

21. Slippers                                                                                          1 pair

22. White canvas shoe                                                                        1 pair

23. White socks                                                                                    2 pairs

24. Black shoe                                                                                     1 pair

25. Blue color socks                                                                            2 pairs

26. Shoe polish and shoe brush                                                          1 no

27. Mosquito Net                                                                                   1 No  

Hostel Fees
Admission Fee-One Time
 Hostel Development-Yearly
 Establishment Fee-Yearly
 Causion Deposit-One Time
 Mess Fee-Monthly

Hostel Contact No


06255-224402 For Boys 

9472093442 For Girls

Timing 1:30 Pm to 6:00 PM 

Only on Saturday

Visiting Day

Every Saturday 1:00 PM  to 5:00 P.M 

Every Sunday    1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

 Break fast
 Bread and Milk
 Kitchdi and


 Itlie and Chetni or Sambar
 Liyee Chola

Tomato Rice adn Pickle

  Itlie and Chetni or Sambar


 Rice, Chicken and Rasam
Rice, Dal and Sabji
  Rice and Veg Kuruma and Egg
Rice and Chicken and Rasam
  Rice and sambar and Sabji
Rice, Dal and Fried Egg
  Rice and Vegetable and guruma and Egg
 Evening Snacks
 Fruits (Banana)
  Liyee Bujiya
  Rotti Sabji
  Rotti Sabji and Milk
  Rotti Sabji and Milk
  Rotti Sabji and Milk
  Rotti Sabji and Milk
  Vegetable Rice and Pickle and Milk
  Rotti Sabji and Milk