CBSE Affiliation No. 330497 School No. 65490  U-DISE CODE: 10022305405

These days even the kindergarten students make use of the computers for learning. They need to handle the basic components of the computers like the keyboard and mouse to work on their computer systems. When these young students try to play some basic educational games of alphabets and numbers, they not only learn about the alphabet or numbers which are seen by them on the computer monitor screen but they also learn to identify these numbers and alphabet letters on the keyboard. They also learn how to move and click the mouse pointers on the screen. By doing this, the students also come to know the left and write mouse buttons of the mouse. Teaching by the teachers and the same lesson can be made by students using MS PowerPoint fascinate the attention of the students and get attracted towards learning.

The Duncan Academy is information Technology classes from Class 1.   Well Trained Computer Teacher to teach Computer classes.
2:1 is the ratio