CBSE Affiliation No. 330497 School No. 65490  U-DISE CODE: 10022305405

School is divided into four houses namely

1. The Vision Builders     -   Blue House

2. The Path Finders         -   Green House

3. The Bridge Makers      -   Yellow House

4. The Life Changers       -   Red House

Every house shares the school based activities Like Conducting Assembly, Disciplinary activities, Class room up keeping, Library and Computer Lab arrangement etc., 

Physical Education:

Once in every week physical activity classes are conducted.

Competitive Examination

Every year The School urges the students and also motivates by giving training to participate in National Level and International Level  Competitive Examinations Like

1. National Science, Mathematics, English and Computer Olympiads

2. Green Olympiad (teri)

And many more activities is conducted as per the CBSE guideline in every year.   


NIIT Computer Education: It aims at making students use the computer both as a productive tool and as a means of creativity and self-expression. The curriculum encompasses technological skills based on themes that are current and meaningful. The program helps children build a solid foundation of fundamental learning skills and prepares them for the fast changing technology of today and the future.

Drawing & Painting: The techniques of sketching, still-life, water colour, painting and oil painting are taught. Creativity is emphasized in these activities.

Work Experience:  Essential area covers community service and campus cleanliness. Elective area offers a wide range of activities to cater to the creativity of the students and to enable them to appreciate dignity of labour. 

Life Skills: As the children grow, their roles, responsibilities, aspirations and environmental context changes. This brings about the need for developing new insights in life skills.